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3 ways assistive technology can make living at home more inclusive

Assistive Technology is defined as any device or system that supports a person’s ability to carry out their activities of daily living.

The healthcare space is rapidly advancing with new technologies that can assist people with disabilities, or any individual who may need additional support, to live independently.

An estimated 1.3 billion people experience a disability. This represents 16% of the world’s population, or 1 in 6 of us. (WHO)

How Assistive Technology can make a home more inclusive?

Often, persons with disabilities may require some form of assistive technology to help make living independently in their home possible. Assistive Technology can help those living with a disability have greater control and choice over the care they receive.

Here are three ways Assistive Technology can help support individuals living with disabilities at home;


Ensures the individual can live safely at home

Assistive Technology not only supports individuals with their daily activities of living but also ensures that clients can stay safe living at home.

HaloCare works across the three pillars of care; Safety, Social & Wellness, and Vital Sign Monitoring to keep the individual safe at home.

HaloCare Smart Devices have built-in features that ensure the living environment is safe, for example HaloCare devices have flood detection and door open and close activity. This means that the individual's circle of care will be alerted if there are any behaviours in the home that appear to be out of the ordinary.

Keeping the client safe at home is paramount, HaloCare Smart Devices have ‘long lie’ detection meaning, if the client is suspected to have had a fall, the Care Hub will be alerted.


Keeps individuals connected

49% of individuals living with a disability have expressed that they feel excluded from society and day to day life. For anyone living with a physical or learning disability, activities of daily living that we may take for granted can become more difficult. Staying connected with friends and loved ones can also become more of a challenge.

Assistive Technology devices can be specifically developed for those with a disability to help keep individuals connected and to avoid social isolation.

HaloCare adopts a holistic approach to wellness, ensuring that all aspects of client well-being is taken into consideration including social wellbeing.

Our technology is developed with a client focus and designed to make staying in touch with loved ones accessible to all. Using the HaloPad, clients will be able to access interest-based websites, education-based content and make use of the audio & video capabilities to stay connected with their circle of care.

HaloCare clients can also opt-in to receive a daily “comfort call” from a trained member of our Care Hub team. Our Care Hub team are a friendly voice for the client to speak to each day and help tackle social isolation.


Peace of mind that vitals can be monitored remotely

For some individuals living with a disability, travelling to routine medical appointments can become a challenge. Assistive technology can be used to monitor vital signs, giving individuals the peace of mind that they can receive the quality care they need to keep them safe living at home.

HaloCare adopts vital sign monitoring technology to allow for clinicians to be able to access patient vitals remotely. Vital signs that can be monitored from the comfort of the client’s home include;

Blood pressure and pulse, body temperature, heart rate and weight. Capturing these vitals means clinicians are able to make data-informed decisions around the best process of care for the individual, reducing the requirement for a physical visit.


HaloCare adopts assistive technology in order to level up the user’s home, making it a more inclusive place to live. This allows individuals to alleviate mental stress and concentrate on their activities of daily living. With a HaloCare independent living solution in place, client’s can feel empowered to live at home independently while receiving the best quality of care possible.

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