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What is memory care for seniors?

It’s reported that approximately 55,000 people have been diagnosed with dementia in Ireland and by 2050 that number is estimated to be closer to 141,200. With a drastic increase in the number of people living with dementia or a memory-related issue, memory care will become a vital aspect of providing patient-centred care.


What is memory care?

Memory Care is a specialised form of care that supports people living with dementia or any other ailment that may cause memory loss.

Memory care allows individuals who may need additional support with their activities of daily living to get the help they need. Memory care can come in various forms for example;

  • Assisted living facilities: individuals may move into an assisted living facility where they can have one-on-one support with health professionals that are specialists in managing cognitive disorders. Memory care refers to a specific type of care so it’s worth noting that not every Assistive Living Facility will offer memory care.
  • Assistive Technology: For individuals who want to remain at home, assistive technology can allow for individuals to receive quality care while remaining safe at home.

How can Assistive Technology support memory care?

Assistive Technology can help people living with dementia or memory loss live fuller lives and allow individuals to live independently. Assistive Technology solutions are developed with the end-user in mind and their unique needs. HaloCare allows for solutions to be put together to create a bespoke package that best fits the needs of the client.

We look at the different built-in functionalities that HaloCare has and how they could positively impact the individual and support with their activities of daily living;


Nutrition, Hydration & Medication Prompts

Good hydration and nutrition are the foundations of staying well and regardless of physical activity levels its important that individuals are staying hydrated. Assistive Technology can be used to improve an individual’s hydration levels and provide educational content around nutrition and wellness.

Assistive Technology can also provide individuals gentle daily reminders to take their medication.  

Using the HaloCare Circle of Care Companion App, clients will receive medication alerts to help with medication adherence and ensure the client is routinely taking the medication they need. Within the Circle of Care Companion App, the client’s circle of care will also be able to see if their loved one has taken their daily medication, have they eaten etc. Having this information easily at hand helps give the circle of care peace of mind that their loved one is safe at home.


Environmental safety

Assistive Living Technology can be adopted to help support keeping clients with memory issues safe in their home. Environmental safety can range from detecting a change in room temperature to monitoring frequently used appliances in the household.

HaloCare helps keep the client safe by using monition detection devices that use Artificial Intelligence that will learn the client’s environment and surroundings. After learning the environment, HaloCare is a proactive solution and can report on any unusual patterns in the home I.e., if the client has not moved for an extended period of time that is out of the ordinary.

HaloCare devices also have built in flood detection, for example flood detection can detect whenever a tap has been left running and can intervene before the problem escalates.

Smart Devices also have a built in ‘Door open & close’ function that can be used to alert the Circle of Care if required.

This non-intrusive approach means cameras are not required and devices do not need to be worn by the client, keeping the client’s home a place where they feel secure and a place where they can live with privacy and dignity.


Wandering detection

For individuals that are living with dementia or a memory condition, wandering or getting lost whenever they are out on their own can be a big concern for loved ones or their circle of care.

HaloCare Smart Devices have built-in wandering detection which can detect unusual activity in the environment or if the client has been out of the house for a prolonged period of time that is out of the ordinary.

With this information, the Care Hub team can check in with the client to ensure everything is okay or escalate further if required.

This helps give the Circle of Care peace of mind that their loved one with a memory condition will be safe at home with a support team in place.


Long term support

Memory loss is a progressive disorder which means that a long-term solution towards memory care will be required. Assisted Living Technology offers a long-term solution that allows for independent living while ensuring the client is safe and continues to receive quality care.

HaloCare offers a long-term solution, through Assistive Living Technology and Smart Devices that supports the client’s sense of independence, providing safe & effective healthcare in the community that’s bench marked to international standards and practices, while reducing costs for the healthcare industry.


About HaloCare

HaloCare is a 24/7, 365-day technology enabled care solution for people who wish to remain independent in their own homes but need a little extra support day-to-day. HaloCare adopts a holistic approach to patient-centred care and have three core pillars at the foundation of everything they do: Safety, Social & Wellness, and Vital Sign Monitoring.

Safety: Keeping clients safe at home is paramount. HaloCare Technology is best-in-class and developed to promote independence which gives HaloCare clients and their Circle of Care the peace of mind that, should anything happen in the home (for example an unusual pattern in client behaviour), the HaloCare team will be alerted and can intervene when required.

Social and Wellness: Social isolation can become a problem, particularly for older people or those living with a disability. HaloCare offer a bespoke service where trained Care Specialists will call clients, at their request. This service helps to keep clients connected and works in conjunction with family visits and homecare support. The HaloCare solution supports clients, so they can carry out their activities of daily living while delivering better physical and mental health outcomes through a blended approach of virtual homecare solutions.

Vital Sign Monitoring: Vital Sign Monitoring technology allows care professionals timely access to precise medical information including blood pressure, oxygen levels and heart rate, without the client having to leave the comfort of their home. The HaloCare solution means clinicians will have accurate and up-to-date data at hand to make decisions around the individuals' health.

HaloCare is built to the highest International Standards and Best Practice in Governance and is led by a highly trained team so clients and their Circle of Care can put their trust in HaloCare.




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