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There’s something about your own front door | HaloCare Assistive Living Technology

We are delighted to introduce our latest HaloCare Campaign ‘There's something about your own front door’. One thing we’ve continuously learned from our clients is how much they value being able to receive quality care in the comfort of their home.  

Our campaign follows three people as they navigate day-to-day life with the support of HaloCare technology. HaloCare delivers a holistic approach to client well-being, using assistive living technologies to support independent living. 

Our service is personalised to each user's needs, from HaloPad technology to our contactless motion-detection devices, the technology works around our client's lifestyle and requirements, not the other way around.  



The four aspects we see featured in our 'There's something about your own front door' campaign are;

Smart Devices 

Core to the HaloCare solution is a range of unintrusive, contactless smart devices installed in the home. These smart devices range from fall detectors to voice activated panic alarms and fit seamlessly into the décor of the client's home. 


Developed with a user-friendly interface, the HaloPad can provide our clients with access to video calls with the Care Hub and their loved ones, alongside personalised location, 
medical condition and interest specific information.
HaloPad not only helps tackle social isolation, but also provides the client with access to additional virtual well-being services such as physio, for a holistic approach to healthcare.

Care Hub

The Care Hub is run by experienced and clinically trained Care Specialists who are dedicated to improving the lives of our clients. The Care Hub itself is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology and available around-the-clock to support clients and their loved ones.

The Circle of Care App

The Circle of Care App provides a secure link to the HaloPad to allow video calls, photo sharing, carer schedules and activity dashboards to the primary caregivers as required.



If you’re interested in finding out how a HaloCare Solution could work for you, your loved one or within your healthcare setting, get in touch today.






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