habits for better brain function

Healthy Habits for a Healthy Mind

According to Hopkins Medicine, older adults can improve their chances of maintaining a healthy mind by proactively managing health problems, exercising daily, eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of sleep, learning new things and staying socially engaged.

Physical Exercise:

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention says regular physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Not only is it good for your muscles and bones, but it can also keep your brain healthy, too. Physical activity can improve your cognitive health, helping you think, learn, problem-solve, and enjoy an emotional balance. It can reduce the risk of memory loss, anxiety or depression.


Health Checks:

Research shows connections between brain health and gastrointestinal conditions, high blood pressure and hearing loss. To maintain healthy brain function, it is important to consider all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. See a GP regularly and get bloodwork done if necessary to ensure you are keeping on top of any health issues.


Social Inclusion:

For older people, developing various positive sources of social support also can reduce stress, ward off anxiety and depression, and reduce the risk of some physical health concerns.

Experts say that certain types of social interactions can positively affect cognitive health. Greater Good conducted a study which found that cognitive abilities declined 70 percent slower in individuals who had frequent social connections compared to those who had little social contact with others.

Healthfully say socialisation may improve memory and longevity as it reduces stress and isolation. Many seniors socialize by spending time in group exercise classes — which can provide several physical benefits, including the potential to increase lifespan. Exercise also lessens the risk of a variety of chronic health problems like osteoporosis.



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