PJ, HaloCare Client Relationship Manager

Introducing PJ: HaloCare's Client Relationship Manager

PJ has been a valued member of the HaloCare team since 2021. In his role as Client Relationship Manager, PJ is one of the first members of the HaloCare team that potential new clients will speak with.  

PJ begins the journey to independent living with the client, offering support and guidance at every stage from initial onboarding to installation. 

PJ what led you to a career working in the HealthTech industry and working for HaloCare?

I always had a keen interest in the healthcare industry, which was the reason I decided to undertake a health care course a few years ago. I suppose I always had an idea I would like to work in the industry in some way. I had a connection working within HaloCare, and each time we went running he would tell me about HaloCare and the work they were doing. My interest continued to grow the more I learned about the company, and he ultimately ended up asking me to come and meet the team.   

After meeting the founders, it really did excite me hearing about HaloCare and getting the opportunity to work within a growth industry. Having always worked in a front-facing role within my career, this is the area I enjoy and the being at the forefront for technology in healthcare is exciting. 

Can you describe what a typical day working for HaloCare might look like?

Whenever we speak with a potential client, or family member, who is interested in HaloCare, the process will vary for everyone. We take our time going through the process to ensure the client Is comfortable, and we have the best solution in place for the client.  

No two days are the same, and that's what makes this role interesting!


What we’ve found from the initial assessments is that it’s vital nobody within the client’s Circle of Care or the client is left out and everyone feels heard, our job is to make sure everyone is involved. 

You are one of the first people that a potential new client or client’s Circle of Care will speak to at HaloCare, what is the process of understanding the client’s needs and finding the best solution for them?

At the beginning when I first started, I was probably a bit naïve and thought I would meet the individual, meet maybe one person in the Circle of Care but what I’ve found is that you do need to include everyone and anyone who cares for the client or has concern for the clients well-being and has the clients best interests in mind.  

At the initial assessment stage, basically what we are looking out for is how can we make life as easy as possible for the client, and how can we make the installation in the home as easy as possible with minimal disruption to the client’s daily routine. 

Since beginning your role working with HaloCare, what’s been your biggest takeaway/special moment? 

Ultimately, for me, it’s getting a solution into a home that benefits the Circle of Care and benefits the individual.

 I had one client that was 101 years of age, was living in a nursing home but wanted to be living back at home. With a HaloCare solution in place, she was able to return home and lived independently for almost two years.

That is what it’s all about for me, it's being able to give a family peace of mind again that their loved one is safe at home. 


When you put a solution in place for someone who was worried about their mum or   dad all day, and now they have peace of mind that their loved one is okay at home, that feeling is second to none. 

What do you like to get up to outside of HaloCare?

My main hobby would be running and fitness – I’m into long distance and ultra running. My next race is 600 kilometres, running from Bray to Valentina. I was always into sports and fitness, but over COVID it escalated – I actually end up talking to clients and their Circle of Care about running a lot!  

What do you find most interesting about health technology? 

There’s been a huge change I’ve seen in my two years here, whenever we would first go out on visits to health professionals, they loved the idea of HaloCare, but there wasn’t a belief that there was a place for technology in healthcare, but I’ve seen the change where everyone has realised how technology can improve the delivery of care. 
HaloCare covers all aspects of care including Safety, Social & Wellness and Vital Sign Monitoring, and we are one of the first companies delivering this holistic approach to care. 

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