Introducing Shannon: A day in the life working in the Care Hub

HaloCare’s Care Hub is supported by a 24/7 expert team with experience in working across a variety of areas and specialities in healthcare. The team behind the Care Hub are an integral part of HaloCare and are the familiar voice that our clients and their loved ones speak to each day.  

With a background in healthcare, Shannon previously worked as a Care Assistant before moving into the role of a general nurse, after completing her qualification in Nursing.  

Shannon, a valued member of the team at HaloCare, shares an insight into her role within the Care Hub and what she loves most about her day-to-day responsibilities!  


What was it that drew your interest into working for HaloCare in the Care Hub? 

The main reason I wanted to work for HaloCare is because I wanted to make a difference.  

I’m part of the team that responds to the alerts and carries out daily tasks, including making comfort calls to the clients. We build a special relationship with the clients, we really get to know them, and they get to know us as well. It’s still very personal!  

“Even if our clients don’t want a daily comfort call, when we ring them due to an alert, they are happy to chat to us and we love to see how their day is going. Often, our clients will say it’s nice to have that peace of mind that HaloCare is there checking in” 


The Care Hub is centred around the technology that enables us to support our clients, and I love witnessing first-hand how these new developments in healthcare and how combining in-person care with technology, is impacting so many lives. Most importantly, while we are working with technology, the Care Hub still allows us to have that human connection with our clients.  

The HealthTech industry is continuously evolving, and it’s nice to be part of it and see what happens next! 


What would you say is the biggest responsibility working within the Care Hub? 

The biggest responsibility working within the Care Hub is to always ensure the well-being and safety of the clients in our care. 

There are no cameras in HaloCare so through our smart sensors and devices, we receive not only the alerts, but also notifications of the activity of the individual. We know our clients and their daily routines, and we can see if they are lower in activity during a particular day or week. This enables us to intervene by contacting the family or circle of care to check-in, or if we feel we need to act swiftly, we can contact emergency services or coordinate assistance. 

Having clear communication with families and clients is another important aspect of what we do. It’s important that we help put everyone's minds at ease and ensure both the circle of care and the clients know they can ask us any questions and that the Care Hub is available 24/7 365 days a year.  

Another area of responsibility lies within documentation and ensuring all vital information is recorded. We maintain accurate records of incidents, actions taken, and any relevant data which the family or health professionals might need.  We also have our HaloCare Companion App, and this is where we log our comfort calls and keep the client’s circle of care informed as to how the individual is doing each day.  


Since beginning your role within the Care Hub, what’s been your biggest takeaway/special moment? 

A special takeaway for me is knowing that we are making a meaningful impact to our client's lives. We can see how important it is to them and their families that they have us there for daily support and reassurance.  

“One Christmas Day, a client’s family brought us in mince pies just to say thanks for being there! Working with families, it’s so special to be able to give them that peace of mind that their loved ones are safe and looked after. 

I think my favourite part of working within the Care Hub is just talking to the clients – it's lovely to have that connection with them”. 


Within the Care Hub, we are helping the clients to maintain their independence without being invasive. The clients can maintain their dignity and privacy, which is often so important to them.  

On a personal development level, it’s great to be able to continue to improve on my communication and IT skills within the Care Hub. I’m learning so much about healthcare technologies that I would never have had the opportunity to pick up without working in HaloCare.  


 What do you find most interesting about health technology? 

I think what I find most interesting is the advancements in health technology. Health technology is always evolving, with new devices, digital solutions, AI, and data analytics. It offers exciting opportunities to improve diagnostics, treatment, and healthcare experiences. 

Health tech means that people can continue to live and be supported at home and even though it is technology, there’s still people behind it which means we don’t lose that vital human connection. 

 Our clients know that we are the people behind the technology, and the technology provides the opportunity to remain at home.  

The technology is accessible, anywhere in Ireland and globally too! With the companion app, for example, our client’s families can login from America and see from the activity and check-in call notes that their mother is OK here in Ireland, which is amazing!  

It’s brilliant to witness all the advancements first hand here at HaloCare, and to be a part of the fascinating blend of technology and healthcare. The opportunities it brings to transform how healthcare is delivered to improve patient experiences and advance medical practices is incredible. 

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