Introducing Chloe: A day in the life working in the Care Hub

HaloCare’s Care Hub is supported by a 24/7 expert team with experience in working across a variety of areas and specialities in healthcare. The team behind the Care Hub are an integral part of HaloCare and are the familiar voice that our clients and your loved ones speak to each day.

Chloe was one of the first members of our Care Hub team and has been with HaloCare since we opened our centre of excellence. Since joining the team, she has experienced first-hand the development of our HaloCare solution and the rapid advancements of the technology we use to make living at home with assistive technology possible for our clients.

Chloe shares her insight into what a day in the life working for HaloCare looks like and what she enjoys most about her important role within the company.


What pathway led you towards your career working within the HaloCare Care Hub?

I changed career to join HaloCare's Care Hub team, as I saw it as an opportunity for personal growth and a chance to make a difference.

My caring nature and strong work ethic made me interested in remote patient monitoring and the impact it can have on a person’s life. Customer service skills I had acquired from my previous roles were valuable, and I believed they could be used effectively in HaloCare; from speaking with clients and their families and dealing with high stress situations to training new employees.

“Sometimes when we ring a client for their comfort call, we are the only person they’ve talked to that day and because the client picks the call time, they tend to be waiting around looking forward to the call. It’s such a rewarding feeling, we really do build a personal relationship with our clients even though we don’t see them face to face.

Some of our clients even call us their HaloCare Angels!


HaloCare's mission complemented my own values, and I was inspired by the opportunity to provide 24/7 care and support to patients remotely. I appreciated HaloCare's focus on growth and development, both for the company and the team of employees.


Can you describe what a typical day working in the Care Hub might look like?

On a typical day in the Care Hub we begin our shift at 8am, starting with handover from the previous shift, before moving on to our daily tasks, which include supporting clients using smart devices, communicating with the client and the client’s circle of care and updating their records. I respond immediately to alerts and maintain client’s confidentiality and safety at all times.

“Responding promptly is vital. With the Smart Devices, we receive alerts if there’s no movements or a change in activity. We have had experiences where we’ve noticed there was no activity for a period of time.

The client had unfortunately gone into a diabetic coma, but we were able to act swiftly, contact emergency services and get a response to them immediately”


We take our roles in the Care Hub very seriously as we are responsible for people’s lives and it is us that are there when they are at their most vulnerable, be that lonely or anxious or if they’ve fallen or had a medical emergency. The most rewarding part of my day is the comfort calls we do with our residents; this is a time where we get to know them on a personal level. I love hearing their stories about their life and family and feel like we build a great relationship with them, and they do with us. They know we are always on the other end of the phone to have a chat!


What skill/quality do you find that you use most working in a caring capacity?

The most important quality in a caring capacity is empathy. It helps you understand and share the feelings and emotions of clients, allowing you to provide compassionate and personalised care.

“Everyone has bad days, but coming in to work and hearing our client’s stories always leaves me with a smile on my face”


Empathy improves communication, and ensures clients feel heard and respected. It is crucial for connecting with them on a deeper level and meeting their individual needs.


What do you find most interesting about health technology?

What I find most interesting about health technology is the potential it has to improve healthcare outcomes. Continuous advances in technology is changing how the industry approaches medical treatments and provides care, even to those in remote areas! What I value most is seeing first-hand the impact the HaloCare solution has in allowing clients to remain in their own home for longer, with the support of our smart devices and expert care team.

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